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Mr & Mrs. Right Mugs with Crowns

I had so much fun making these! Perhaps because I’m the “Mrs” referred to on the mug! haha
I have included a link for the FREE CRICUT TEMPLATE that I designed. Personal Use Only Please!
It’s as easy as clicking the link, then click “Make”. Of course, you can change the sizing of the text if you like. I went with 3X3 and they looked perfect on the mugs.

I chose to use the Rounded Square Mouth mugs from Amazon. They are sooo easy to apply vinyl to as they are pretty flat on each side. No messing with round mugs for this one! Be sure to HAND WASH your mugs. Protect your vinyl and do not use a lot of soap on the outside of the mug. If you care for them properly they will last for years! =)

The fonts are Ma Sexy & Font Sparkle Diner

I used Orcal Metallic Gold Vinyl for the crowns and Cricut Premium Shimmer Vinyl for the text.


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