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My Inkie Fingers Angel Policy

You’re always welcome to create original handmade cards for sale with My Inkie Fingers Digital Stamps if you follow the guidelines and exceptions listed below:

By downloading My Inkie Fingers Digital Stamps you are accepting that;

  • The files are only for personal use by the purchaser only.
  • The downloaded files may not be resold, used to create physical stamps, distributed online or in printed form, shared, or traded in digital or printed form.
  • My Inkie Fingers Digital Stamps may not be posted uncolored or un-watermarked on any blog or website without permission, they may only be posted as an example of a piece of finished colored work.
  • The name My Inkie Fingers must be displayed on the back of any card being sold if a digital stamp was used.
  • The Digital Stamps may be flipped, rotated, scaled, cropped or printed in any color. However, the images may not be altered or distorted in any other way.
  • We do allow our images to be printed on craft projects that are to be re-sold.
  • We do allow you to sell your creations in small quantities.
  • Your creations may not be mass-produced and must be created my hand.
  • Digital stamps are not to be given in any card kits whether they are printed or digital
  • Any other use is only allowed with written permission from My Inkie Fingers.

The best way to know whether your use of our digital stamps adheres to the Angel Policy is to consider the following:
If your item is being sold as a finished product to a customer (non-crafter), you are likely in compliance with our Angel Policy otherwise you are likely not in compliance.
If you are unsure please email us.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and respect in protecting all of our hard work.

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