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Best Amazon Cardmaking Supplies

Being that Amazon Prime is upon us July 12th – July 13th I wanted to share with you all my best Amazon Cardmaking supplies I’ve found this year. I’ve gone all the way back to January 1st, 2022 in purchase history. Would you believe it was 18 pages of items? Who am I kidding, of course you would believe it! Now I’ll share all my favorite find with you. Sorry, not sorry? lol

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Scroll down for the best Amazon Cardmaking supplies I’ve found this year.


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Best Amazon Cardmaking Supplies

I’ve added all the images of the best items I’ve found this year in no particular order. Each image will connect to the item on Amazon. 

Magicfly Adhesive Magnet Sheets

There are my go to magnet sheets to store my dies! I have a video on how I use them, but I don’t ever peel off the release paper. Which was good as now I just store them on top of each other in a case like you see in the video. I can normally get about 6 or so sheets with dies on them in one case. 

Inkit Projector Film/Acetate

Now, while this is not a new item this year, I did buy it again this year. I’ve been using it to create clear pockets for my Stamps. It’s sturdy and perfect stamp pockets, crating, creating shaker cards, & more! IF I get enough people leaving a comment on this blog post asking for a How-To-Video for the Stamp Pockets/Sleeves I’ll make one 😉

Amazon Basics Laminating Sheets.

You can’t make a good Stamp Pocket/Sleeve without good quality laminating sheets. This year marked the third time I purchased these. But this time I bought 200 because I use them for so many other things. They are the best bang for your buck by far!

Sweetzer & Orange A2 Envelopes White Envelopes Self Seal (100 with Box). Luxury 150gsm for Greeting Card Envelopes and Invitation Envelopes 4-3/8 x 5-3/4, RSVP Envelopes, Plain Mailing Envelopes

Sweetzer & Orange A2 White Self Seal Envelopes in Box

I had every intention of including one of these envelopes with my “Cards for Sale”. The quality is fantastic! They are sturdier than a Stampin’ Up! Envelope, but much much whiter!! They are too white for my accent cardstock, but if you use a very very white cardstock, or don’t care if the white card is a match to your envelope, then you’re in business! These will not let you down. 

Acrimet Jumbo Tape Dispenser

I think I’ll be picking up another one of these as I’m currently using mine for Heat Resistant Tape (Which I’m adding – it’s a must read about product because it has a secret use that you will love!) But I do want another for my blue tape too. 

SAVITA 2 Rolls Heat Resistant Tape 25mm

SAVITA 2 Rolls Heat Resistant Tape 25mm

Not only does this do what it’s intended to do for use with heat presses but wait! You’re going to love this! You know when you buy a photopolymer stamp set and the piece of acetate on the back comes off when you pull it? Well THIS IS THE TAPE I’m almost sure they use!! I can’t figure out the difference. I’ve been using it to tape the backing to the front of stamp sets for months now and I looooove it! You’re welcome 🙂

Heat Press Mat for Cricut Easy Press

I picked this up as soon as I got my HTVRont Heat Press. It was inexpensive and fast delivery. I can’t compare it to any other mat, but it did exactly what it should have done!

Water Media Mat 12 X 9 Inch

Recognize this? I haven’t actually purchased one yet, but plan to because if you’ve seen the price of the Waffleflower Media Mat I’m sure you will agree that this one is a bargain! And with Amazon Prime Free Shipping & Free Returns what do you have to lose?

Rhinestone Gem Picker for Card making

What’s better than one sparkly gem picker that actually works? TWO gem ppickers that actually work! One for your workspace and one for your tools tote for when you’re crafting away from home. I have these exact pickers and I absolutely LOVE them and could not live without them. 

Faceted Rhinestones 2880 pcs

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have to leave these to someone in my will. I don’t know of anyone who can use this many rhinestones! Each compartment houses a different size. There’s always one perfect for your project!

Blending Brushes for Cardmaking

When it comes to blending brushes for cardmaking there is no limit to what you can find these days. BUT! Like you, I like to save money! So I’ve gone to fetch all the new blenders I’ve acquired this year. Yoseng is an AMAZING Brand and I love them! I would love them more if they collaborated with me and sent me more things to show you because they have awesome products!

30 Pack Mini Blending Brushes

Perfect for that small job! They also come in pink! So I use pink for light colors and green for dark colors. 

Yoseng Finger Blending Brushes Rainbow Colors

These have very tightly woven little synthetic hairs just like the brushes. These aren’t your momma’s sponge daubers! I use mine allll the time 🙂 They’re great for precision and small items!

Yoseng Finger Blending Brushes Earth Colors

I couldn’t have the Rainbow colors and not the Earth Tones too!

Mini Blenders Organizer

Taking the time to place the Finger Blenders back in the other finger dauber was driving me nuts! I have no patience for that, so I got this! lol 

Yoseng Blending Brushes Rainbow Colors

The traditional size for the industry blending brushes. These were of the first style to hit the ground running! Use these for backgrounds, stencils, & more. 

 Yoseng 10 Pack Colored Mini Ink Blending Brushes

Smaller than the original size Blending Brushes but larger than the Finger Blenders. Use these for smaller things, like stencils and flowers. 

Yoseng 4Pack Flat top Craft Ink Blending Brushes

These puppies can hold a LOT OF INK! use these for blending backgrounds. They come in a variety of styles. And they are ALL fantastic! The only difference between each set is the style of handle. So it’s your personal preference. There’s Flat Top (No handle) & Flat Top Colored. Which one do you like best?

Blender Brush Storage

You’ve seen them online, now purchase them at a reduced price! You’re welcome 🙂

Some final must have Amazon Finds I found this year

Simple Housewares Cart 3 Tier Crafts Storage Cardmaking Storage

Whether you need a 3 Tier or a 4 Tier these carts come in the color you want for your space! I fell in love with the teal, which color will you fall in love with? Excellent quality and easy to put together. 

Simple Housewares Cart 4 Tier Crafts Storage Cardmaking Storage

Whether you need a 3 Tier or a 4 Tier these carts come in the color you want for your space! I fell in love with the teal, which color will you fall in love with? Excellent quality and easy to put together.

Alcohol Ink Pattern Mouse Pads – Color Choices

A must for any Alcohol Ink Art Lover!! Excellent quality too! I spilled something on mine and was able to wash it off easily. The sublimation layer is not peeling off too, unlike other cheap brands. 

Silver Tablet Stand

The perfect stand for your Note or Tablet. I love the fact that I can feed the cord through it too. Awesome quality. 

DIY Stencil Butters Liquitex BASICS Gloss Heavy Gel

This is very high on my list of finds this year! I love making my own DIY Stencil Butters. Have you made some yet?

Plastic Jars – Gold Lids

Of course, you will need something to put all your new butters in!

Ink Refills Clear Acrylic Shelves

A favorite in my old studio, I certainly invested in more this year. They are filling up fast, but make for using wall real estate easy!

2 Pack Bib Aprons – for sublimation or HTC Vinyl

While these came in multiple colors I chose black. I’ve yet to put some HTV on them but I kept them because of the quality. I think you would agree that for the price these are a steal!

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