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30 Cards in 30 Days – White Card bases

Day 23 has arrived and brought with it white card bases. I chose this theme when I looked out the window last week and saw SNOW! haha The snow has since melted and I think it’s gone for good this time. But white card bases are still here and this Happy Birthday Daisy Card will […]

30 Cards in 30 Days – Slimline Cascade Card

Day 20!! We’re in the home stretch now. If you’ve seen Slimline Cards or Cascade Cards and loved them, then you’re in for a real treat with this Slimline Cascade Card! Honestly, I think I’m obsessed with this card style and want to make more!

30 Cards in 30 Days – Mother’s Day Cards

Day 17 brings us another day closer to Mother’s Day. Whether you need Mother’s Day Cards for your mother, your mother-in-law, or someone else who’s a mother, this one is sure to be a show stopper! I love this layout and the bright colors.

30 Cards in 30 Days – Anniversary Cards

Day 16! We’re just over the halfway mark. It almost feels like hump day but we have 13 days to go! I’m still going and haven’t run out of gas or ideas. Today we have Anniversary Cards! Everyone could use to stock up on an Anniversary Card or two, or perhaps you already have someone […]

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