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My Inkie Fingers DIY Tim Holtz Distress Resist Spray

DIY Distress Resist Spray Tutorial

Happy Concoction Day! Today I’ve got a Distress Resist Spray Tutorial for you. Moreso a DIY Tim Holtz Distress Resist Spray recipe. It’s so easy you won’t believe it. With just one simple ingredient you will be on your way to distress resisting on a dime.

DIY Tim Holtz Distress Resist Spray Tutorial

I’ve done it again! First, it was a DIY Oxide Spray, now it’s a DIY Recipe for yet another Tim Holtz Product. Now you can make your own Distress Resist Spray for less than $2.00 a bottle with ONE ingredient! This was actually an accidental find. I had set out to concoct an entirely different thing when I was thinking about ingredients. Then it occurred to me I had a product sitting in my studio that I had purchased for Resin Art which, if memory served me, was almost the same as the distress resist spray. Unfortunately, the acrylic product I had turned yellow and wasn’t going to suit my needs. However, now I knew what I was looking for. I set out to find the best product for the best price to replace my low-end yellowed purchase from Amazon. Beware, not all acrylic varnishes are the same, and some work differently than others! If you use different products, expect different results.

After some research, I chose Liquitex Acrylic Basics Gloss Varnish. It’s from a great company, has great reviews, and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between that and the Tim Holtz Distress Resist Spray. I was on a roll! Finding a matte version of the varnish really got me excited so I figured why not try it too? I really do like the Liquitex Acrylic Basics Matte Varnish because as it says, it’s Matte. Which is perfect for mixed media, grunge, Halloween, and many other projects. In the Distress Resist Spray Tutorial Video below I will show you how to use the varnishes on their own or mix them up to create beautiful shimmer sprays & splatters. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much…you are so talented.. I just love all the information you give and I learn alot….diy is my thing…so your brain helps mine all the time…Thank you

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