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My Inkie Fingers Halloween Angry Bird & Halloween Puppies

Feet or Antlers? Halloween Angry Bird

This is such a fun Halloween Angry Bird & Halloween Puppies Card made from dies. There isn’t actually an “Angry Bird” Critter!! I made him from scratchย 

But wait! I have some news...

You may already know, but I was asked to join the Spellbinders Influencer Team. I feel so honored to be a part of the group of amazing creators showcasing Spellbinders products.ย 
Yana arranged for so many things to be sent to me it’s somewhat overwhelming, yet inspiring all at the same time. I’ve been a long time fan and lover of Spellbinders, and now I’m so excited to be bringing you projects showcasing their amazing line of stamps, dies, hot foiling plates and more.ย 
You may also know that my only gripe, if you want to call it that, is the shipping is a little tough to swallow for Canadian buyers. So, like I always suggest, order with a friend and split the shipping so not to break the budget.

Let’s talk about my Halloween Angry Bird & Halloween Puppies Cardย card. I had such a good time making this card. It’s full of fun secrets & tricks! The first trick was to use the “Special Pet Delivery” dies for Halloween Puppies rather than Christmas doggies. Neat right? What a way to stretch your supplies. Imagine them for Easter with bunny ears! Tooooo stink’ cute!

The next fun idea was actually thought of by my good friend Heather, we were in a google meet video stamping session when she watched me search for a witch hat. I was really struggling to find the right size hat when she thought of the solution. Can you see where I got the hats? Yup, from the Haunted Manor! Isn’t she clever?ย 

Halloween Angry Bird

Now. let’s talk about this Halloween Angry Bird. He was completely created from the inspiring die below. When I looked at it I instantly saw an angry toad so I set out to bring him to life. Starting with his feet I used the antlers, then ears from the Special Pet Delivery dies. The nose and eyes are from the same dies. Now I just needed a body…

Thinking outside the box even more!

I was cutting pieces, removing and replacing dies onto my magnet when I spotted the gourd from the September 2022 Large Die club – Thankful Tractor, Which is also where the trailer came from that the puppies are in. If you don’t get it in September, it’s gone forever!

Thank you for stopping by to read about how I made this fun card. If you plan on making one or one that’s similar be sure to tag me on social media (@myinkiefingers) I would love to see what you come up with.

My Inkie Fingers Halloween Angry Bird & Halloween Puppies

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Until I see you again, Take Care & Happy Stamping!

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