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How to Make Your Own Enamel Dots

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How to make your own Enamel Dots | How to make your own Embellishments | DIY Enamel dots

This video has been a long time coming! I’ve been planning on working on this video for some time. How to make your own enamel dots is finally here! Make your enamel dots and embellishments in ANY color you want! Gold Enamel Dots, Glitter Enamel Dots, Solid Enamel Dots, Translucent Enamel dots, and MORE!! Make the perfect jewel for your card-making. Always have the matching embellishments for your projects.

How to make your own Enamel Dots | How to make your own Embellishments | DIY Enamel dots

I was making a card for Todd a while back and as many of you already know, his favorite color is orange, but I had NO orange embellishments. Not a one! Not even a sequin! lol. So this got me thinking about picking up some orange Nuvo Drops, but then I thought, why can’t I figure out a way to make my own embellishments, jewels, and/or enamel dots? I bought a bunch of molds thinking I could make them from resin molds, but that got complicated really fast. It was important for me to find a way that translated easily to the card-making community, and more importantly you, my Inkie Friend. So after a lot of trial and error, failed attempts, and learning a few new things along the way I’m finally able to present you all my DIY Recipes for Embellishments.

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DIY Recipes for Embellishments


  • Gold: Add approximately 1 clump of Guilded Flakes (using tweezers) to the resin. Stir vigorously to break up the Guilded Flakes. Add more flakes as desired.
  • Yellow: 3/4 spoon (Silver Spoons linked below) of Lemondrop Glitter (by Martha Stewart).
  • Pink: 20 drops of Enchanted Alcohol Ink, 3/4 of a spoon of Cotton Candy Glitter (by Martha Stewart).
  • Green: 10 drops of Sublime Alcohol Ink, 1 full spoon of Let’s Resin Grass Green Mica Powder, 1 spoon of Limeade Glitter (by Martha Stewart).
  • Blue: 3 drops of Jacquard Pinata “Baja Blue” Alcohol Ink, 3/4 of a full Spoon of Let’s Resin Sky Blue Mica Powder 1-1/2 spoon of Frost Glitter (by Martha Stewart).
  • Black: 10 drops of Jacquard Pinata Mantilla Black Alcohol Ink, 1 spoon of white glitter, 3/4 of a Spoon of Let’s Resin Black Mica Powder

NOTE** If you’re not in Canada the Resin Kit that will show up when clicking the link looks different, but it is not. Same kit, different labels 😉

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