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My Inkie Fingers HTVRONT Easy Press Review

HTVRONT Easy Press Machine Review

HTVRONT reached out to me and asked if they could send me some products to review. I was on board after I took a few moments to browse their website. My findings are 100% authentic and my own thoughts and opinions. I’m very excited about doing this HTVRONT Easy Press Machine Review for you.

HTVRONT Easy Press Machine Review

I was excited about this HTV Easy Press Machine Review. I was optimistic yet cautious as not that glitters is gold. Let me start with the process of getting items. I found the staff very easy to work with. They made me feel important and listened to what I wanted to review for my audience. I appreciated that.

Amazing HTV & Vinyl Selection

There’s an overwhelming amount of HTV and Adhesive Vinyl to choose from for all your vinyl needs.

My Inkie Fingers HTVRONT Easy Press Review 2022

All the HTV and Vinyl come in boxes too! I was impressed! The packaging for the machines was very professional and very pleasing to the eye. A lot of time and care was taken into designing the packaging for the machines.

My Inkie Fingers HTVRONT Easy Press Review 2022

I unboxed the machines and was impressed with the quality of them immediately. The Easy Press was shiny and free of any marks or evidence of poor workmanship. The gold trim is something I saw that was intentionally placed to make the machine feel expensive, although it is not expensive at all! Now, do not mistake ‘cheap’ for ‘inexpensive’.

My Inkie Fingers HTVRONT Easy Press Review 2022

Here’s my thoughts, a company as large as, say Cricut has a lot of overhead and a lot of people to pay to run such a large corporation. Not to mention advertising fees and such. A company such as HTVRONT can clearly create a machine that’s of equal quality but can offer it MMUCH less as they don’t have the same overhead as the larger companies. This is where YOU reap the rewards and the savings. Be sure to check out all of the HTVRONT other products I listed below for you too!

HTVRONT Easy Press Machine Review VIDEO

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My Inkie Fingers HTVRONT Easy Press Review 2022

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Until I see you again,

Take Care & Happy Stamping! <3

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