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Oops! No video this morning?!

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Rather than just ‘not upload’ my video for today’s series, and let you all wonder, I wanted to let you know what has happened. I spent the last 2 days testing and retesting some techniques for all of you with our Pigment Sprinkles.

I’ve made a handful of cards and at 9:00 PM last night I was ready to record the video. Only to discover I’ve run out of the poster board I need for the video. I was soooo upset. I thought I had more that I could cut down, and I don’t. That means I cannot upload the Wednesday Series video today. So, I’m going to see if the Dollar Tree is open today so I can suit up and brave the elements and get some. Wish me luck! QUESTION: Would you like me to just record the video and put it up on YouTube as soon as I can, or would you like to see me do a Facebook Live video? You can leave a comment here, or on my Facebook Page post to let me know what you prefer.

Until I see you again,

Happy StampinG’!
My Inkie Fingers
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