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Inkie Pastes & More Spatula



The Inkie Pastes & More Spatula is the perfect tool for any crafter. Used for mixing and spreading sticky substances such as distress paste, butters, inks, and more. The Inkie Pastes & More Spatula is the perfect tool for cardmaking, junk journalling, and various other types of art. The spatula is made of flexible silicone material that is heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for use for a variety of crafts.

The distress paste silicone spatula has a flat, wide blade with a slightly curved edge that allows for easy scraping and spreading of substances. The blade is also flexible, which enables it to conform to the contours of jars, making it easy to reach every last bit of paste. The exact measurements can be seen in the images.

In addition, the silicone material of the spatula is non-stick, which means that it is easy to clean and does not absorb any colors or odors from pastes, butters, and most inks. This makes it a hygienic and practical tool to have in your craft room.

Overall, the distress paste silicone spatula is a versatile and durable tool. It’s certainly essential for any crafter who needs a reliable tool for mixing and spreading distress paste, butters, inks, and more.

Cleaning & Care

Clean the Inkie Pastes & More Spatula with warm water and Dawn Dish Soap.

The Inkie Pastes & More Spatula is a total of 8.25″ inches long. The Spatula portion measures 2.75″ by 1.6″ inches.

Visit the My Inkie Fingers Blog or YouTube channel to see this tool being used.

Happy Crafting!

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