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Pick n’ Poke Wax Tip Replacement – 2 Pieces


In stock (can be backordered)

The Pick n’ Poke Wax Tip Replacement will effortlessly pick up your gems, jewels, rhinestones, small pieces of paper, cardstock, stickers, and more! It’s so easy to replace the tip. Just unscrew the old tip and replace it with a new one.

Pick up an embellishment with the Pick n’ Poke Tool 2, then lightly place it on top of a tiny amount of glue where you want the embellishment and watch it release. Just like MAGIC! The pointy end of the tool can adjust embellishments for you (unlike other wands without the pointy end). It will even help you poke out die cuts! You will also easily remove sticky embellishments from the release paper with the pointy end. Likewise, you will do the same with glue dots & dimensionals, the pointy end will pick up and transfer both, and many other items. You can even poke the pieces out of your dies, then pick them up and place them where you need them.

Packaging & Care

Your new Pick n’ Poke Wax Tip Replacement tip(s) will come in carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.

CAUTION: The wax tip may break if you press too hard. Treat it with care and it will last you for years. If your wax end breaks or cracks carefully heat the wax with a heat gun (embossing heat tool) and mold it back into shape. Heating the wax will also help remove any residue that may have accumulated on your tool from placing embellishments on top of the glue. A lighter or flame from a candle is not recommended as it may cause wax discoloration. Clean the pointy end of your Pick n Poke Tool with Un-Du to remove any sticky residue. Check back soon for a demonstration video.

This Pick n’ Poke Wax Tip Replacement will also work with the GinaK Pick and Stick

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