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Summer Wilbur Embellishment Mix


This Summer Wilbur Embellishment Mix is a sequin, confetti, and clay embellishments Mix. Sequin, confetti, and clay embellishments are fun decorative elements that cardmakers use to enhance the look of handmade cards. These embellishments add a unique touch to cards and allow individuals to create a wide range of designs.

What Are Embellishments?

Sequin embellishments come in different sizes and colors and can be used individually or in clusters to create a stunning focal point on a card. They are perfect for adding sparkle and shine, making them ideal for creating glamorous or festive card designs. To adhere sequins to a card, card makers can use glue or double-sided tape, and can use these embellishments to create patterns, borders, or to accentuate a sentiment.

Confetti embellishments, on the other hand, are tiny pieces of plastic that come in different shapes and colors. They add a fun and celebratory touch to a card, and cardmakers can scatter them across the front of a card or use them to create unique design elements. To adhere confetti to a card, cardmakers can use glue or double-sided tape. Confetti embellishments are ideal for creating a festive or whimsical design.

Clay embellishments are three-dimensional elements that cardmakers can use to add texture and dimension to a card. They can be molded and shaped into different designs, including flowers, animals, and other decorative shapes. Card makers can paint or glaze clay embellishments to add color and detail, and adhere them to a card using glue or double-sided tape. Clay embellishments are perfect for adding a tactile element to a card, and can be used to create unique and memorable designs.

How To Use Embellishments

In conclusion, embellishments are fun decorative elements that are used to add interest, texture, and dimension. Each embellishment adds a unique touch and can be used to complement the overall theme and style of the design. By using these embellishments creatively, cardmakers can create one-of-a-kind cards that are sure to impress and delight the recipient. Experiment with creating Shaker Cards or gluing individual pieces to your project. Use a Pick n’ Poke Tool to easily pick up and place your embellishments.

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