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My Inkie Fingers STOP BUYING DIES & CUTTING MATS Scan and Cut how to stick images SDX85 Tutorial IG

Scan And Cut – How to Cut Out Stamped Images

STOP WASTING TIME & MONEY!! This is the video you need to watch to learn FAST & EASY TIPS for sticking paper to your scan and cut mat and how to cut out stamped images. DO NOT scrub your mat clean only to add a bunch of glue YOU DON’T NEED!! Not to mention you will find yourself doing this OVER AND OVER!! Arg!

How to Cut Out Stamped Images

I bought my Brother Scan and Cut not too long ago. I remember feeling really intimidated. Not only about which one to buy, but how to even use the dang thing! As a cardmaker, I really only needed a machine to cut out my stamped images as I already own a Cricut. Therefore I decided to buy the Brother Scan and Cut SDX85. It was much cheaper than the SDX125 and did everything I needed it to.

Should you buy it or wait?

If you’re thinking about purchasing one I highly recommend pulling the plug and getting it as the price has dropped dramatically. Perhaps because a new machine is on the way? If you need the latest and greatest I suggest you wait a few months to see if a new one releases, but if you’re like me and want to save money (to spend on other crafty goodness) this one is a deal! Remember, Amazon offers free returns if you’re not happy, so you can buy the Brother San and Cut SDX85 RISK FREE!

Feel free to compare the SDX85 and the SDX125 HERE. Let me know which one you have, or think is better in the comments below.

So, now that I owned one, it was time to figure out how to use it. I found the videos on YouTube WAY TOOO LONG and I just didn’t have the time to sit and watch hours of videos to simply CUT IMAGES!!! I was really frustrated and my machine just sat there for a few months. Staring at me… I kept asking myself why I sent all that money for a machine I was not even using. Then one day I had enough. I decided it was time to figure it out, once and for all. Which I did! I’m still learning but today’s video features HUGE money-saving tips in LESS THAN 14 minutes. Fast & easy SDX85 Tutorial. How to set up brother scan and cut to cut your stamped images. Enjoy!

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My Inkie Fingers kit.co must have supplies
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