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HONEST Stampin’ Seal Review + Unboxing

Stampin' Up! Unboxing

Here’s another Stampin’ Up! New Product Unboxing & an HONEST Stampin’ Seal REVIEW. I now have both the new Stampin’ Seals and today I will give you my HONEST OPINION about them and their performance.

So as you probably already saw in last week’s unboxing, I had THREE boxes delivered the other day. But can you believe there were things I forgot to order from the New 2020 – 2021 Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalog?! WHOOPS!! Thank goodness there is an EXTRA $30 in Host Credit for every $300 order (Details below and on Shop Page) that made me feel like it was worth it to place my FOURTH order this month. I ended up with SO MANY FREE Stampin’ Up! Products. But I now have ALL the Stampin’ Seals so I decided to review them and tell you EXACTLY what I thought.

HONEST Stampin’ Seal Review

HONEST STAMPIN' SEAL REVIEW - Stampin' Up! How to use Stampin' Seal
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Before I tell you what I think, I will explain the difference between the 2.
The Light Blue Stampin’ Seal is a PERMANENT adhesive for your everyday cardmaking.
The Dark Blue Stampin’ Seal is a STRONG BOND adhesive. Just the Tombo Extreme Adhesive you have often seen me use.
The only way to tell the difference between the 2 is by color, or to read the description. I find it rather odd that Stampin’ Up! did not name them differently.


When I first tried to pull the little cap off the end of the Stampin’ Seal chamber, I found it VERY HARD to get off. This was true for both of the chambers, of the Permanent & the Strong Bond. Now, this is not a deal-breaker for me, as you don’t really need the caps. I show you in the video (below) that if the ends of each Stampin’ Seal touch each other they will not get stuck to one another. So if you store both of them in a drawer with no caps, you will not have an issue.


IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT USE THESE ON A HARD SURFACE. Such as a table. It is VERY important that you place a Self Healing (this is the one I use) or Silicone Mat of some kind under your project that you wish to use these Stampin’ Seals’ with. They will not ‘roll’ very well on a very hard surface. Now, once you have your ‘cushiony’ surface it is important to know that you must depress the chamber relatively hard in order for the mechanism to roll and dispense the glue. If your glue does not come out, manually roll the little mechanism to ‘get it going’. I find this to be a pain! I’m hoping that with time I get more used to the new chambers and this will not remain an issue.


See all the items I forgot to order and the New Stampin’ Seal Review in the video below.
Video Product Unboxing, Demonstration & Review

Question: What’s on YOUR wish list for the New Catalog? Or what have you already ordered that you love? Let me know in the comments below. I love chatting with you! 🥰

All supplies I link to can now be found here:

My Inkie Fingers kit.co must have supplies
Shop with me on Kit.co

**The Stampin’ Up! links to the Stampin’ Seal Strong Bond are still broken**

Until I see you again,

Take Care & Happy Stamping! <3

My Inkie Fingers Avatar
My Inkie Fingers kit.co must have supplies

Until I see you again,

Take Care & Happy Stamping! <3

My Inkie Fingers Avatar
My Inkie Fingers kit.co must have supplies

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