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Top 10 Supplies 2021 IG

Top 10 MUST-HAVE Cardmaking Supplies 2021

Last year I shared with you my Top 10 Favorite MUST HAVE Stamping Tools & Supplies. Let’s do it again, and while we’re at it, let’s make it an annual tradition. These are my Top 10 Must-Have Cardmaking Supplies 2021.

Top 10 Must Have Cardmaking Supplies 2021

We all have them, our favorite go-to items that we find ourselves reaching for on a regular basis. Perhaps you’re new to stamping and you just want to know what everyone is using. Whether you have favorites or are just starting out, the favorite tools seem to evolve and change. Once loved tools or supplies turn out to be something we end up hating or find later that it just doesn’t hold up over time. Today I will be totally honest about things I feel I cannot live without and why. Furthermore, there are even items I just hate, which I will be showing you in the video below. Of course, you can scroll all the way past the video to view the supply list, but you would be missing out on a very enjoyable 20 minutes.

Now you know my Top 10 Must Have Cardmaking Supplies 2021, leave a comment below and let me know what some of your must-have supplies and tools are.

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The following is a list of supplies I used. Most, if not all, are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you use any of these links. Of course, this is at no additional cost to you. I sincerely appreciate it when you click and use my links. My Kit.co store hosts most of the items and supplies I use on a regular basis. Bookmark it to your favorites for easy access in the future too. Happy Stamping!
Affiliate link clarification: To clarify, if you click someone else’s affiliate link after you click mine, the commissions will be given to the last persons’ link you clicked at the time you check out. If you want me to earn the commission my link must be used to enter the store/website in which you are ordering at the time you decide to checkout. Affiliate credit is given on all items you purchase during your shopping experience (total purchase at store/website) whether you purchase the item you were considering buying or not.

Until I see you again,

Take Care & Happy Stamping! <3

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