Where have I been and What’s Been Going on?

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Where have I been and what’s going on? Well, let me start by saying I have missed all of you so much! You have no idea how much your messages, comments, cards, and emails have meant to me. So many of you have lifted me up in a very dark time. The last month has really been a struggle for me, and as I sit here to begin this blog post I don’t even know where to start…

Let me just say, at this moment, I’m ok. I was not ok for quite some time, but I’m ok now. I just finished creating a video, that took me a long time to finally just film, edit, and upload, but I created it. I figured it was the best way to connect with each of you and explain exactly what has been going on and why I have been absent for a month.

The video is very emotional and was, as I said, very hard to film, let alone edit. I will not even attempt to type out what I have been through this last month, the video was hard enough to create on it’s own. I have cried so many tears these last few weeks and am now ready to let you all in and move on. I pride myself on always being honest and transparent with all of you, so here it is. The most raw, honest, transparent, and vulnerable version of myself.

Grab a kleenex, or two…


Until I see you again,

Happy Stamping! <3

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